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After ViewFlex GPRO & SPRO have attracted rave reviews, ViewFlex, the world’s leader in video gimbal, today introduced the TARZAN M, 3-Axis video gimbal for micro camera. Designed to work seamlessly with all kinds of micro camera to give film and video professionals more creative freedom.



Excellent stability

To meet the rigorous requirements of filmmakers and television production professionals, VtewFlex TARZAN M captures the highest image resolutions ever for an stabilizer. It is capable of loading up to 2000g with built-in strong power brushless motor.


Enhanced Imaging Potential

ViewFlex TARZAN M has three working modes: Following, Half-following, and Locking.

1.Full-following Working Mode:

Roll locked, Yaw and Pitch follows grip to move around Working Background:

Mostly used for the object in sporting status(move up and down, left and right) or the object in ascending descending.

2.Half-following Working Mode:

Roll and Pitch is locked Working background:

Mostly used for the horizontal video shooting and low-angle video shooting.

3.Locking+Hand-positioning Working Mode:

Yaw, Pitch and Roll all locked, camera not move with grip.

Working Background: Mostly used for horizontal video shooting.



Enhanced feature and functionality

Three Working Modes:Following,Half-following,Locking Modes;

3-Axis, 360 Panoramic Shooting and Inverted Shooting Mode;

Zooming Function (This function only supports Partial Sony Micro Cameras);

Quick Hand-position in Locking Mode;

Electronic Handle Control, Flexible and Versatile;

Strong-power Brushless Motor with Loading Up to 2000g;

Single/Double Versatile Handheld Operation Way, Widely used for Multiple Working Situations;

Double 26650 Batteries, Supper Long Duration;

CNC Processed, Accurate and Strong


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