ViewFlex on CABSAT 2018

Writer:viewflexSource:viewflex Date:2018-01-15 18:46:42

ViewFlex participated in the CABSAT exhibition held on January 14, 2018.

The CABSAT exhibition, the biggest electronic media exhibition of Middle East, covers the whole range of digital media industry, including cable, satellite, terrestrial transmission and wireless networks, images, audio, video and broadcast, from production to management, from TV broadcast to communication.

ViewFlex as a new brand in photography accessory industry have been taking part in this exhibition. During this period, ViewFlex pay much attention on showing newly released item TARZAN M and our booth attracted great interest from domestic and overseas exhibitors. The products with extraordinary performance and delicate design like VF-S PRO, VF-G PRO, had became a highlight on CABSAT exhibition.  

The Three-day exhibition is not over yet and wonderful will continue. We expect to learn the latest photography accessory industry market through the exhibition and we believe it will bring new opportunities to ViewFlex’s further development in Middle East market.

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